The basics of cognitive-behavioral therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a type of psychotherapy that works by linking your thoughts, feelings, and behavior to help reduce stress or anxiety.


We usually tend to automatically react and respond to situations without noticing them or thinking about what is going on in our minds that cause us to act in this way.


We want you to start noticing your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


For example, think about a situation that happened to you today, or last week, that made you anxious.

  • What happened in this situation?

  • What was on your mind?

  • What feelings did you experience?

  • Have you noticed any sensations in your body? (For example, increased heart rate, fatigue, muscle tension, and other symptoms you may have felt in the situation).

  • How did you act in this situation? (How did you react?)


This chart is the first step in realizing your thinking patterns and trying to change them so that your behaviors and emotions remain positive.

Ask yourself

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