Positive emotions, such as gratitude, can benefit our bodies and minds.

Being grateful for what we have (rather than obsessing about what we don't have) helps us in many different aspects of our lives - such as relieving stress, and it reinforces your will to try again when things don't go the way we want.


This exercise can help you start thinking about gratitude. Write your answers to the questions in the blanks below or on a page in a notebook, because writing down feelings of gratitude can boost those strong feelings.


Try to make it your daily routine, set aside time each day to observe and appreciate what is good in your life.

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Experience the 14-day gratitude challenge with us!


                           Day 1: Mention 4 personality traits that you love about yourself



                                        Day 2: Identify 3 things that you work hard for your life


      Day 3: Call a family member to check on them and chat


                                             Day 4: Meditate. Record 3 things you are grateful for


                            Day 5: Do something for yourself, something that makes you smile


                                          Day 6: Meditate. Record 3 things that make you feel proud


      Day 7: Call your friends and have fun with them


                                    Day 8: Write a thank you letter to an important person in your life


                                 Day 9: Write a thank-you message to yourself


Day 10: Do breathing and relaxation exercises for 20 minutes


                                Day 11: Express your gratitude for two people in your life


                                       Day 12: Meditate. Record 3 other things for which you are grateful


                            Day 13: Write 3 positive attributes in your manager / colleague / teacher


Day 14: List 3 skills you are grateful to have acquired

    Gratitude activity


Set aside 3 minutes before bed and remember five things in your life that don't need to be fixed.

During the day, if you find yourself remembering things that make you feel unhappy, also remember to be grateful for things that seem positive.



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You can customize a gratitude journal.

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