Laughter and positivity

We often hear such sayings as: "Laughter is the best medicine." "The most wasted of all days is a day spent without laughing." and even "Life is better when you are laughing." All of them talk about the importance of laughter and smiling in the general psychological state. Today, science came to emphasize the importance of laughter and optimism in treating multiple psychological states, the most important of which are stress, fatigue, and frustration. Although laughter may not heal patients completely, it only has important therapeutic benefits. Laughter relieves mental burdens as it induces a physical change in the body.

Humor is a great way to relieve stress, as laughter leads to the release of endorphins; They are natural substances that help to improve the mood and maintain positive behavior, and enhance the immune system and increase blood circulation as well. Come on, try to laugh: lift the sides of your mouth up when you smile and then laugh, even if you feel that it is somewhat heavy, once you laugh a little, it will get better.

Benefits of Laughing

Boosts your immune system.

It helps regulate blood pressure and allows the blood to flow. 

It helps you calm your nerves and reduces stress.

Laughter gives you happiness and inner peace.

Laughter helps you increase your self-confidence and boost your interactions.

It helps strengthen the heart muscle.

Stimulates organs. Laughter improves breathing in oxygen-rich air.

Make sure to befriend positive people, and stay away from those who are negative, and participate in training courses that teach you the art of success and positive thinking.

Always define your goals and occupy yourself with thinking about the ways to reach them and how to achieve them.

Every day, make sure to find a time to relax, meditate, and calm, as this helps you keep your psychological balance and inner peace.

Smile without a reason, as you are in your place now. Try to smile. Look at anything beside you, for example, look in the mirror and smile at yourself, or you can smile at those around you because laughing and smiling are contagious.

Try laughter yoga.

Laughter Yoga has benefits for mental, and physical health, it changes the body quickly, and it also increases the percentage of the body’s serotonin (happiness) hormone.

Share your happy news

Here are a few suggestions that will make you laugh today.

Do not forget ... Stay optimistic despite the circumstances.

The current circumstances, which are somewhat disturbing, may affect your view of things and make it harder to be positive. You are not to blame as the surrounding environment and media are stacked with warnings about the pandemic, it may cause you some tension and pessimism and you end up tired and exhausted, but ..!

It is desirable to create an atmosphere full of positivity and energy to become better and take things in a more comfortable way. Remember, staying positive is beneficial to your mental and physical health.


Activities, Games, and Relaxation

Daily Affirmations - Fill your day with positivity

Always keep track of your thoughts. Eliminate every negative thought at the beginning of its appearance, and do not allow your mind to engage with it, instead replace it with a positive idea quickly.

Practice gratitude: note and appreciate the positives and privileges around you. This will greatly enhance you, for example:

1) Write a thank-you note to the person you are grateful for

2) Keep a special note mentioning all the things you are grateful for every day, special moments, beautiful relationships, and great achievements

Look for an optimistic view of the current situation:

In new and difficult situations, in particular, you may need some time to address the negative thoughts that result from it. If you feel that there is no positive side in the current situation, try asking yourself: What is a positive and good thing in the situation?

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Join with us in the Smile Challenge

It's said that 30 seconds of forcing yourself to smile can stimulate the secretion of happiness hormones: try it here.

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