Psychological First Aid Tool Box

Like we have a first aid kit at home, we believe that we should all have a psychological first aid kit as well. We use the tools inside the box when we go through difficulties in our lives. We would like to show what we have in our boxes, invite you to learn some tools, and let us know what you have in your box. The techniques mentioned here do not replace psychotherapy but are a set of evidence-based techniques that may help during these unprecedented times. 

Click on each technique, try it, and share your experience with us. 

We put in your hand a set of psychological techniques and skills that you can add to your psychological first aid box!

A useful technique for dealing with persistent worry or overthinking by specifying or postponing certain times of anxiety

Learn the importance of expressing gratitude and its psychological benefits.

Behavioral stimulation is frequently used to improve mood and thoughts through behavior.

Here you will find techniques to help you stay active and positive during your day and improve your mood

Cognitive behavioral therapy or what is known as

CBT is one of the most common ological treatments and learning the basics of this treatment may help increase your awareness about the impact of your thoughts on your feelings and behavior.

Exercise is one of the most important advice any physician provides, whether for physical or mental health

Here you will find some tips on exercising during the Covid 19 epidemic

Many may think that good mood comes after positivity and laughter, but does not realize the importance of laughter and positivity as a treatment to improve mood. Learn here the benefits of laughter and laughter yoga to improve mood

Perhaps one of the most important advice that a psychologist directs to you is not to be too hard for yourself, and not to compare or pressure yourself because of your expectations or the expectations of those around you.

Blogging technology is used in many treatments to relieve thoughts, concerns and situations in your mind. Therapeutic blogging is a little different and may help you in this period. Get to know it here.

This is a great place to tell your story and give people more insight into who you are, what you do, and why it’s all about you.

Perhaps there are many problems that pass and occupy your thinking, the problem of skill is one of the basic skills, you find here the most important ways to solve problems.

Fantasy visualization technology may help you to relax in a simple way through comfortable pictures that you put in your imagination to infuse you with inner peace

Do you feel that you do not wish to carry out the activities required from work or study? We may find low levels of motivation during this period, and here we have developed some tips and techniques through which you can motivate yourself.

Learning about unhealthy thinking patterns is one of the best ways to deal with different feelings.

Mindfulness is one of the most beautiful techniques used in psychotherapy and is one of the most important techniques here.

Do you feel that your time passes all day without accomplishing the tasks that you were planning to accomplish? Learn about different ways and skills here that can help you organize your time and prioritize

The psychological toolbox carries inside it invaluable tools for you and does not cost anything and can be taken with you wherever you go.

We would like to encourage you to assemble your toolbox. Maybe you already have one without knowing it. Your Toolbox may include some of the practices listed above. Or anything ranging from running, cheering, riding a motorbike, talking to a therapist, writing a diary, drawing, playing an instrument, hiking, volunteering or singing. The main point is to find what works for you and do it regularly for your benefit.


Do you have certain techniques that you can use when feeling upset or in times of stress?

Do you resort to a specific activity to reduce anxiety and stress?

How did you manage the difficult situations that you have previously experienced in your life?

Tell us here and share

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