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Do you feel sad?

It has been observed that isolation due to Coronavirus (Covid-19) causes depression and feelings of fear. This pandemic may have serious negative effects on different individuals, therefore, we must pay attention to mental health during the isolation period to the same extent that we are concerned with fighting the spread of the pandemic and restricting infection.


Usually, feelings of sadness are associated with other feelings such as anxiety. Severe sadness may be called depression and it is one of the most common mental disorders around the world. But let us put the labels aside. We realize that sadness can occur at these times, and we realize that it is only natural to feel it. It may be because of the isolation and the feeling of loss and the longing for social contact, or because of the longing for some of the things that brought us pleasure that we cannot engage in now, such as going to restaurants and traveling. No matter how many reasons we wish to point out, you can deal with feelings of sadness in a number of ways.

What can you do?


Communication is one of the most important things you can do, so keep in touch with those around you and build a strong supportive network.

TalkLife provides you with a community of people that you can share your sadness with and also listen to their stories and experiences.


Gratitude and positive affirmations

Positive emotions, such as gratitude, can benefit our bodies and minds.

Being grateful for what we have helps us to improve many different aspects of our lives and our psychological energy.

We advise you to visit the gratitude page on this site to get to know the topic in-depth and try different related activities.

Positive emotions, such as gratitude, can benefit our bodies and minds.

Being grateful for what we have helps us to improve many different aspects of our lives and our psychological energy.

We advise you to visit the gratitude page on this site to get to know the topic in-depth and try different related activities.

An application for being grateful.

Gratitude Happiness Journal.

Positive affirmations

Positive affirmations help you focus and use your energy in positive things, and promote a feeling of comfort, happiness, and reconciliation with oneself.

I am - Positive Affirmations 

Reduce stress


When you're under stress, your body produces more of a hormone called cortisol. In the short term, this is a good thing because it helps you prepare to deal with anything that causes stress in your life, but in the long run, this hormone can cause you many problems, including feeling sad.

There are many psychological techniques that can help you to reduce stress, such as:


Make your own psychological first aid box

As a way to help, we have prepared an integrated psychological aid box, you can view it and choose ways that suit you

Think about the last time you felt sad, frustrated, or any feeling of irritation, what did you do to calm yourself and improve your mood?

The idea here is to collect a set of ways that you can use to help yourself feel comfortable.

What are the things and activities that give you a feeling of contentment and happiness?

Embrace your pet, listen to your favorite music, shower, read a book.

They may be simple but they come in handy when you are upset. Remember that the ways may vary from person to person.


Awareness of patterns of thinking based on the basics of cognitive-behavioral therapy ( CBT ) can help improve moods, and you can learn about it here.

Aerobic exercises such as walking or jogging and anaerobic exercises such as weightlifting can help relieve symptoms of depression.

Physical exercises 

Be aware of your thinking patterns

Improve your sleep system

Improve your eating habits:

The research continues to find clear links between diet and mental health. In fact, improving nutrition can prevent and treat some mood-related mental illnesses such as depression.

Relaxation Exercises 

Focusing on tightening and relaxing a group of muscles in a systematic way can help a person with depression voluntarily relax. You can find some guided relaxation training techniques online.

How does depression differ from sadness?

((We would like to note that depression is considered a mental disorder that requires diagnosis and treatment by a specialized psychotherapist))

1- Depression is more than just sadness, the difference is not the extent of a person’s feeling of frustration, but rather a set of factors related to the duration of these negative feelings, other symptoms, physical influence, and the effect on an individual’s ability to work in daily life. Sadness is a natural feeling and it is natural that everyone feels it at some point in his/her life. Whether it's a job loss, a relationship ending, or a dear person's death, sadness is usually the result of a particular situation, person, or event. When it comes to depression, no such trigger is needed, a person with depression feels sad or desperate about everything, that person may have more than one reason in the world to be happy yet loses the ability to experience joy or pleasure.


2- With sadness, you may feel frustrated for a day or two, but you can still enjoy simple things like your favorite TV show, food, or spending time with friends. This is not the case when someone deals with depression, even the activities they once enjoyed are no longer interesting or enjoyable.


3- When you feel sadness caused by a certain thing you are still able to sleep as you usually do, you are still eager to do things, and your appetite is still the same. Depression is associated with a serious disorder in the patterns of food and normal sleep, in addition to the unwillingness to rise from bed all day.


4- In sadness, you may feel remorse or regret about something you said or did, but you will not feel any permanent feeling of worthlessness or guilt. One of the diagnostic features of depression is this type of negative thinking pattern.


5- Finally, self-harm and suicidal tendency do not arise from non-depressive sadness. Those with severe depression may have thoughts about self-harm, death, suicide, or have a suicide plan.


If you think you or someone you care about may be suffering from depression, we encourage you to seek help from a mental health professional or therapist












   You should be sad

Sadness is one of the basic feelings in a person and it is no less important than the positive emotions we experience. We need it in order to achieve our psychological balance, so when you grieve you must realize that it is completely right for you to feel sadness and you should absolutely not suppress or ignore it.


Feelings of sadness and acceptance

Drawing: It is not necessary to be an artist to draw. Just grab a pen and draw on any paper whatever it is you want to draw. The effects of drawing practice extend to being an effective factor in getting rid of stress and mental disorders, improving mood, and providing people with positive energy. 

Here are some ideas for drawing:

- Draw a childish game

- Draw a robot

- Draw a sunset or sunrise view

- Scribble

- Draw a cartoon character

- Draw geometric shapes


Provide assistance to someone in need

Providing help and volunteering with anything, no matter how simple, will enhance your mental health and help relieve feelings of sadness, when you provide assistance to those in need, you remember the blessings that you have.

Here are some ideas for providing assistance to those in need:

- Buy household items for someone in need

- Buy a simple gift for children

- Offer advice to someone confused

- Teach people what you know


Listen to your favorite music:

Music, as it becomes a source of relaxation and happiness, is also a non-medicinal component of mental and physical health.

For reassurance ... tell us your story

As human beings, we experience difficult situations that can destabilize us and makes us find it difficult to adapt to new challenges. The factor that helps us overcome this emotion is our belief that these situations do not last forever and will eventually depart and the hope that your affairs will be resolved. The moment you realize that you are not alone in this situation and that there are other people who have gone through worse situations compared to yours. You, therefore, develop an alternative perspective of your difficulty and feel better about yourself, believing that you can make it through the emotional storm. 

Help us by sharing your story of how you are experiencing the outbreak of the coronavirus so that others can feel assured and learn from your inspirational experiences of how you have withstood this pandemic. 


Your story can truly make a difference!

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