I feel bored

These are tough times that may bring about fear, anxiety, sadness, laziness and most notably boredom due to our routine. Despite this, you should allow yourself to relax and have some fun, sometimes having a bit of fun is healthy!

Ways to eliminate boredom

& invest your time at home


Always remember that boredom is an issue only if we let it get to us, and we can always find different ways to tackle it. Here are a few suggestions that you can try to tackle boredom:

              Create an activity schedule to get to know your routine.

Find out why you feel bored, If the reason is that you do the same things repeatedly, add some new things, or do them differently.

Add fun activities to your day.

List the things you've always wanted to accomplish but could not find the time to before.

              Allow yourself to take a break if you feel you like need it.

Let go of expectations that you must be productive and feel guilty about laziness.

These are hard times and it's okay to allow yourself some healthy fun.

Ignite the curiosity inside you (curiosity of knowledge and discovery)

Use exercise to combat boredom

Use your time wisely

   Activities to combat boredom

As we have previously mentioned, this is a difficult period that may give rise to many feelings, one of the most prominent being boredom. But you don't have to dwell in this boredom, we've compiled a list of activities that may help! 


Learn the benefits of reading here

Home delivery services?

            Audio books

Do some exercise

We love Shandanayoga 's YouTube page .. Why not give it a try 

Learn a new language online

Issam Al Balushi and his story ... 



The secret to effective language learning and techniques

Or download an application .. like

Fashion design

Family tree


Learn to design a resume in a professional way!

Relive past memories and watch your favorite plays or series 

Become an artist..

Boredom doesn't have to be painful, it's not what you think it is. Check out these videos to see the benefits and the science behind being bored

We invite you to share your experience and how you've managed to overcome boredom during this period:

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