Worry Time

Constant anxiety throughout the day can become stressful and affect you. Try exercising "anxiety time," all you have to do is make an appointment throughout the day, allowing yourself to be anxious and exercising the rest of your day without anxiety, and in case you feel anxious at a time other than the time you specified for anxiety, delay your anxiety until the time of anxiety. This will help you identify and treat your feelings while controlling the recurrence of your fears and concerns.

How can you delay your worry?

Step 1: Prepare


Determine how much time you will spend worrying, and how long you will continue to do so.

Step 2: Postpone the anxiety


Once you realize that there are anxious thoughts in your mind, decide to postpone this anxiety, remind yourself that you will have time to think about this later in the time allotted to worry, and you do not need to indulge in this thinking now.

You can distract yourself or occupy yourself with some activities and resort to mental presence to focus on the activity in front of you instead of anxiety. You can also write your anxiety in a note and refer to it at your specific time of concern.

During the day, decide whether the worries you have are "real concerns" that you can act on now, or whether hypothetical fears need to be put off.

- Yes> Act now.

- No> Defer this to the specified anxiety time> refocus your current activity (you can learn mental presence by visiting the mental attendance page).

Step 3: Anxiety Time


Use your anxiety time to indulge in anxiety rather than wrestling with fleeing thoughts. Allow yourself to acknowledge these feelings, consider writing hypothetical fears that you remember in your mind during the day.


How important is it to you now? Are they the kinds of fears that might lead you to take steps towards them, or can you search for a solution?


You can use the memo and blogging as a start if you like.


Did you try this method? Share your experience, if not, you can now set your worry time here.

I choose my worry time to be at

The hour (.....................)

For a continuous period of ...............

The place to think of my worries is (..............................)

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